June 6, 2016


Troye Sivan Doesn't Know Why He Has So Many Fangirls

Todd Williamson/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp
Todd Williamson/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp

Screaming fangirls at a concert have been a stereotypical sign that a young, male pop idol is about to take over the industry, and Troye Sivan has experienced that enthusiasm first-hand, meeting female fans who go harder for him than they would for Justin Bieber or One Direction. The only difference between Troye and his male counterparts is that Troye is gay, and ultimately can't reciprocate that seemingly hormone-driven passion from the crowd.

Sivan waxed on the confusing dynamic at his shows in a new interview with i-D magazine, saying:

"To be honest, I still haven't figured out why girls come to my shows and act the way they do. For me, it feels more like friendship than anything else. Whereas for someone like Justin Bieber, maybe it's more of a sex symbol thing. I feel like they just want to wrap me in a blanket, you know? Take me home."

(We'd like to go on record and say we'd absolutely love to wrap Troye Sivan in a blanket and take him home for a sleepover full of painting our nails, watching chick flicks and having him sing us to sleep. Just saying.)

But, seriously, if anything, the signer's following is further proof that teen girls certainly are not listening to music with their hormones (how wild!) and that a record as good as Blue Neighourhood is just as celebrated by young listeners as it has been with critics.

Sivan also spoke to the mag about coming out to his YouTube viewership, accepting himself, landing a record deal thanks to the Internet and more. Watch below as fellow YouTube star Trevor Moran talks to Fuse about his love for Troye and the future of Internet influencers below: