June 1, 2016


William Shatner & Sebastian Bach Fight on Twitter Because... We're Not Sure, Really

Getty Images
Getty Images

William Shatner and Sebastian Bach exchanged a few fiery tweets on Tuesday, and nobody seems to know what their fight is about. After Shatner replied to a tweet with a purple devil emoji, the former Skid Row singer went off.

Some of the tweets have since been deleted, but a quick summary of the beef: Bach was unhappy with the purple emoji and then threatened to jog by Shatner's house so they could argue in real life. Shatner ended up chalking the whole thing up to a bad day on Bach's part and stopped tweeting him back.

There are three things we learned from this whole, strange, fanscinating online melee: 1. Sebastian Bach really HATES devil emojis, 2. Sebastian Bach enjoys staying in shape, and 3. William Shatner has unprecedented Twitter skills for an 85-year-old.

Witness the fun below, and then tweet us @FuseTV with a devil emoji :)

Now, let Sebastian Bach teach you how to scream in this delicious Fuse video below: