June 1, 2016


Wiz Khalifa Sues Label & Former Manager

Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic
Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic

Update (Jan. 6, 2017): A statement provided to Fuse says, “Wiz Khalifa and Rostrum Records Founder Benjy Grinberg announced today that all disputes between the two parties have been resolved following a joint settlement agreement. This agreement includes the dismissal of lawsuits that each party had previously filed against each other earlier this year. Both parties are pleased with the outcome and look forward to putting this matter behind them.”

Original story (June 1, 2016): Wiz Khalifa has filed a lawsuit to try to cut himself out of 360 deal he signed in 2005 with Rostrum Records. 

The suit, filed on Tuesday, claims that the label and its founder Benjy Grinberg tried to profit off "virtually every aspect of [Khalifa's] professional life." Along with canceling the contract, Khalifa seeks $1 million in legal fees.

According to Rolling Stone, the Pittsburgh rapper alleges that Grinberg, who was his manager until 2014, guided him toward business deals that benefited Grinberg more than Khalifa. Grinberg became his manager when he was just 16. He is listed as executive producer on Khalifa's projects. 

So says the suit:

"During the period that Grinberg and Rostrum acted as plaintiff's personal mangers [sic], they induced plaintiff to enter into a series of transactions in which Grinberg and Rostrum placed their own interests over those of  plaintiff and failed to disclose to plaintiff material information necessary to obtain his informed consent for such transactions."

The suit uses Khalifa's album deal with Warner Music, which expired with the release of his sixth album in February, as one of the examples of Grinberg's alleged agenda for self-profit. And by listing himself as executive producer on these albums, Grinberg was commiting "commercial exploitation" in an effort to collect "an unknown amount of revenues and other ill-gotten gains," the suit says.

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