June 1, 2016


Zack de la Rocha Is Working on a New Album

Victor Chavez/WireImage
Victor Chavez/WireImage

Zack de la Rocha's absence from Prophets of Rage—the new supergroup featuring members of Rage Against the MachinePublic Enemy and Cypress Hill—left fans wondering why he wasn't included in plans for a tour ahead of the 2016 presidential elections. 

Now though, it's been revealed that the Rage frontman is busy "making a record," and wasn't able to join Prophets of Rage on their potential jaunt across the country.  

In an interview with Rolling Stone which glosses over details of how Prophets of Rage formed, Rage drummer Brad Wilk noted that de la Rocha is "making a record right now." Bassist Tim Commerford noted that the Rage frontman gave the new group his blessings: 

"We’re a family and there’s support across the board...I support him and everything he does, and vice versa. I’ve definitely been keeping him in the know. You’re never going to replace Zack, and we aren’t trying to do that.”

But what is de la Rocha working on? Consequence of Sound notes that the project could potentially be his collaboration with Jon Theodore, One Day as a Lion. Or, perhaps it's the much vaunted solo-project that he initially began working on in 2000. In the meantime, keep your eyes trained for a Prophets of Rage tour announcement