July 15, 2016


5 Seconds of Summer's 'Ghostbusters' Song 'Girls Talk Boys' Takes a Funky Turn: Listen

5 Seconds of Summer, is that you?

On the Aussies' new offering to the Ghostbusters soundtrack, the guys ask, “When you’re talking to your girls / Do you talk about me? / Do you say that I’m a sweetheart? / Do you say that I’m a freak?" It's very formulaic and clean. It sounds good, and it feels good. But it doesn't feel like 5SOS.

"Girls Talk Boys" contains a catchy falsetto melody, a One Direction–like piano-led bridge and funky-ass guitars. Luke sings with testosterone-driven soul, like he's been watching old James Brown videos (not this one). And do I hear a freakin' cowbell?

It's more Maroon 5 than Blink. More Bruno Mars than Green Day. It lacks the grit and angst. But perhaps this is four pop-punk guys growing up?

When you log into 5 Seconds of Summer's website, they present you with a phone number to call (very Ghostbusters of them). Give it a ring, and you're hit with a prerecorded message from the guys, where they pretend they're actually talking to you live. It's exactly the kind of prank that you'd expect from them. They talk about how excited they are about "Girls Talk Boys" and how they have a video for it on the way. It's the same ol' 5SOS after all.

So for the song, I chalk the funkiness up to collaborations, namely twenty one pilots producer and Meghan Trainor cohort Ricky Reed, who really embraced the goofiness of the Ghostbusters theme and took 5SOS a little out of their realm with this one.

"Girls Talk Boys" follows Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott's "Ghostbusters" theme song remake and Elle King's "Good Girls," which both appear on the soundtrack.