July 19, 2016


98 Degrees Invite Joey Fatone for ‘Bye Bye Bye’ Performance

While in West Palm Beach, Fla., 98 Degrees orchestrated an late '90s/early aughts boy band team-up to remember. 

98 Degrees brought out *NSYNC member Joey Fatone to perform the latter group’s 2000 single “Bye Bye Bye.” Fatone came onstage in matching camouflage pants and led the throwback hit. To make the occasion more memorable, the five even performed the “Bye Bye Bye” dance routine.

98 Degrees is currently on the road as part of their My2k Tour, which is featured in the must-see 2016 summer tours list. They’ve brought along Ryan Cabrera, O-Town, and Dream. Find a photo of Fatone and Cabrera hanging out at their recent tour stop below.

After watching the “Bye Bye Bye” performance above, check out a Fuse interview with the guys from 98 Degrees as talk about the lyrics to “Microphone”:

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