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16 Ariana Grande Lyrics for Subtweeting Your Ex

Ari said it, not me!


When it comes to posting lyrics online, there's usually one main reason for it: subtweeting someone you so badly want to tell off but can't.

With our handy guide, you can now shade any ex (or anyone else who did you wrong, to be honest) by firing off an Ariana Grande lyric. Because any true Ari Babe knows that she's great at kissing off that fool of an ex and moving on with her cute, drama-free life.

Flip through for the best Grande lines to caption those pointed Instagram posts:

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"You’re a dangerous love"

Song: "Leave Me Lonely"

Album: Dangerous Woman

The situation: Sometimes it's best to leave someone behind, rather than playing the game with them. A dangerous love is one that will lead you in circles.

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"This is the part when I break free"

Song: "Break Free"

Album: My Everything

The situation: Sure, this song may not be about a breakup, but it'll have you searching for freedom and feeling like you can fly anywhere. When you move, people see.

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"One less problem without you"

Song: "Problem" feat. Iggy Azalea

Album: My Everything

The situation: You just needed to rid yourself of someone who's weighing you down. And now that you're free, you've got one less problem without them. Let them know.

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"You will never know what we could have been"

Song: "You'll Never Know"

Album: Yours Truly

The situation: So you broke up. Sucks for them! You're better than that.

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"I cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them"

Song: "My Everything"

Album: My Everything

The situation: This one is for when you're having a truly emo moment. When you really miss what was. When you realize that you lost out on something you thought was really great.

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"I was a liar / I gave into the fire"

Song: "One Last Time"

Album: My Everything

The situation: Again, if you're missing out on your old flame and longing for one more night together, "One Last Time" is your ode. Even though you "gave into the fire" of relationship sabotage, at least you have the self-reflection skills to admit it.

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"I'm loving the pain / I never wanna live without it"

Song: "Why Try"

Album: My Everything

The situation: OK, so you are really into this person, but things between you got toxic. Are you gonna fight through the pain or leave once and for all? Post a pic with this caption and see how they respond. (Actually, don't do that. That's bad advice. You should probably just move on.)

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"If I could change the world overnight / There'd be no such thing as goodbye"

Song: "Almost Is Never Enough"

Album: Yours Truly

The situation: Honestly, you guys were on the same page, but there was just something about it...

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"You're the best mistake I ever made"

Song: "Best Mistake"

Album: My Everything

The situation: Put it all out there with this bold statement that will have people asking, "Who? Me?" Plus, it's ironic that Ari's ex Big Sean features on this song.

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"What goes around comes around"

Song: "Break Your Heart Right Back"

Album: My Everything

The situation: You want your ex to feel the same heartbreak, and they probably will given, you know, karma and all that. "What goes around comes around" is one of those cliches that we almost always hope is true.

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"If you knew better / Boy, you would do better"

Song: "Knew Better / Forever Boy"

Album: Dangerous Woman

The situation: You know that this person's a little on the pathetic side and doesn't put in the effort. You're ready to move on because "ain't nobody like" you.

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"I know your motives and you know mine"

Song: "Love Me Harder"

Album: My Everything

The situation: So...this lyric is actually from The Weeknd's verse on the song, but it's true. Sometimes you just need to ditch the game and cut to the chase.

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"I don't ever tell you how I really feel / 'Cause I can't find the words to say what I mean"

Song: "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart"

Album: My Everything

The situation: You're really struggling with how to express yourself, so most of the time you stay silent to avoid a broken heart. In these cases, you find that the only way you can communicate is by posting vague lyrics online.

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"I'm a fool for you"

Song: "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart"

Album: My Everything

The situation: I know I just pulled another lyric from "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart," but the song is so heartbreaking, how could you not be inspired by it. By saying "I'm a fool for you," you owning up to an addiction that you can't quite shake, while declaring complete commitment.

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"I don't need to live by your rules, you don't control me"

Song: "You Don't Know Me"

Album: My Everything

The situation: When you're feeling a bit misunderstood and you want them to leave you alone.

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"Some things are better left unsaid"

Song: "Better Left Unsaid"

Album: Yours Truly

The situation: You're ready to give your ex a mindfuck, and, like they say, silence is gold. "Some things are better left unsaid," you caption your latest photo. Vague AF FTW.


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