July 8, 2016


16 Ariana Grande Lyrics for Subtweeting Your Ex


When it comes to posting lyrics online, there's usually one main reason for it: subtweeting someone you so badly want to tell off but can't.

With our handy guide, you can now shade any ex (or anyone else who did you wrong, to be honest) by firing off an Ariana Grande lyric. Because any true Ari Babe knows that she's great at kissing off that fool of an ex and moving on with her cute, drama-free life.

Flip through for the best Grande lines to caption those pointed Instagram posts:

#1"You’re a dangerous love"

Song: "Leave Me Lonely"

Album: Dangerous Woman

The situation: Sometimes it's best to leave someone behind, rather than playing the game with them. A dangerous love is one that will lead you in circles.

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