July 28, 2016


Man Throws Batman's Batarang at Police In Seattle, Is Arrested For Felony Assault

Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD on Twitter)
Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD on Twitter)

Sometimes, people take their obsession with comic books to reckless extremes. Take this recent example out of Seattle: Police arrested a man on Tuesday for hurling a Batarang—the bat-shaped throwing weapon used by Batman to thwart bad guys—at a squad car during a pursuit. This was only after the wannabe caped crusader threatened a bouncer with a spear, according to Q13 Fox.

And apparently the 23-year-old suspect had some Batman-like skills. Officers discovered a “a sharp, black Batman-style throwing star” embedded in the front end of the police SUV, stuck pretty close to the car's front wheels, as if thrown by a superhero in training, at least. 

In addition to the charge of felony assault, police are hoping to book the would-be Batman on weapons and obstruction charges. If he's proven guilty, the suspect might be the first convict charged with felony assault via Batarang—something that Bruce Wayne wouldn't be proud of, we'd think. 

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