July 15, 2016


‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Reveals Batgirl: Watch Tara Strong’s Interview

Batman: The Killing Joke is quickly approaching, and we’ve been blessed with some new footage of Batgirl from the animated movie, as well as a chat with voice actress Tara Strong. Watch the behind-the-scenes explainer above.

The Killing Joke, an adaptation of Alan Moore's renowned 1988 graphic novel, focuses on the Joker’s origin story, but Batgirl will also play a pivotal role. “Barbara Gordon will not disappoint the fans,” Strong says in reference to the character’s alter ego.

On July 25, The Killing Joke will be in theaters for one night only, ahead of its DVD and Blu-Ray release. The graphic novel adaptation represents DC’s first foray into the R-rated world

Click here to watch the official trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke.