July 5, 2016


Watch Blink-182 Design a Man’s Tattoo Atop the Empire State Building

In an act of fandom, New York Post writer Mike Hollan asked Blink-182 to design a tattoo for him. 

Atop the Empire State Building, bandmate Matt Skiba drew a tattoo design on Hollan’s arm. What do you think they decided on? “A stick figure eating a hot dog!” Mark Hoppus shouted. No, what they actually decided on is the hallmark of New York City architecture, the Chrysler Building. It’s a pretty good sketch, too.

While Skiba’s drawing on Hollan in the video above, the band gets asked about the craziest thing a fan has done for them, the difference between Californians and New Yorkers, and the top three naked dudes they’d invite in their pool. The answer to the last question isn’t that surprising—they name themselves. The legendary pop-punk trio recently released their first album in five years, titled Californiastream it here.

Revisit archival Fuse footage of Blink-182 founding member Tom DeLonge talking about starting his other band, Angels and Airwaves: