July 15, 2016


Britney Spears Returns With Moody, Sensual 'Make Me...' Single ft. G-Eazy: Listen

Britney's back (bitch)...but not as you necessarily remember her.

Right on trend, Spears' comeback single "Make Me..." utilizes the darker, moodier electro-pop vibe penetrating radio today, as heard in recent releases from  Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers and Demi Lovato. But the sweeping chorus boasts the playful, breathy coos that Brit has made a signature part of her discography and helps this stand out as a track to make Brit Army proud.

Switching things up on the bridge, of-the-moment rapper G-Eazy drops in for a memorable bars that fits right in with Brit's vibe.  Listen to "Make Me..." above on YouTube or via Apple Music here.

Amid multiple false rumors about its release date and title, "Make Me..." is finally out and it feels like it's been released 100 percent on the star's own terms. The single is a bit of a surprise after a leak threatened to ruin the surprise. But more importantly, "Make Me..." successfully moves Britney away from the expectation that her album's lead single has to be a banger. Most of her fans adore sensual tracks like "Breathe on Me" and "Touch of My Hand" and know they're some of Spears' favorites (she included the non-singles as part of her "hits" medley at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards). Going in this moody, sensual direction is not only refreshing to listeners but likely also to the veteran pop princess. When the results are this stunning, how could anyone complain?

"Make Me..." leads Britney's upcoming ninth album that's looking to drop in the coming months. Check out everything you need to know about the upcoming LP here.