July 22, 2016


Celine Dion Impersonating Rihanna Is What the World Needed

Celine Dion visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday night, but it felt like we got way more than just Celine.

The legendary French-Canadian played Wheel of Impressions with the late-night host, and she was forced to impersonate CherRihanna and Sia. Fallon did a pretty good impression of Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash himself, though Celine couldn't help but give her takes as well.

Dion busted out her comedic chops with her Sia impersonation, pulling her hair over her eyes and hiding her face while singing "Hush, Little Baby." It was pretty spot on. 

As for singing Rihanna, all she needed to sing were these six words: "row row row row row row."

Ariana Grande took on a Celine impression last year during her stop at The Tonight Show. Revisit that epicness below: