July 28, 2016


Christian Rap Grandma Takes Over the Internet With Viral Tweet: Listen to Lyrical Lively

Lyrical Lively
Lyrical Lively

Foisting your mixtape on people just trying to go about their day is at best annoying, at worst completely ineffective. But it does work once in awhile. Especially if your cover art features an older lady with a cunning look in her eye, the Good Book in her hand, the header "House of Judah presents," the artist name Lyrical Lively and the album title Uh Huh.

All Lyrical Lively had to do was hit Twitter user Keith_The_God with her CD at a gas station. The gospel has spread, in the form of "What Does the Word Say" and Keith's 2016-appropriate ad-libs (including "Guwop!"):

The Telegraph reports that Lyrical Lively is Bobbie Lively, a 74-year-old from Arkansas. And she's pumped she's gone viral:

Now's the best moment in your week, the moment you learn that budding rap god Lyrical Lively has two albums on iTunes and Spotify. Shred those xtian beats, Ms. Lively:

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