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Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas' 'Billboard' Cover Story: 7 Things We Learned

The two friends revealed some interesting tidbits in their latest cover story, from 'Camp Rock' memories to Ariana Grande vs. Mariah Carey

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Demi wasn't a fan of Nick's ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo


Nick Jonas ended his relationship with the model-actress last summer, and he says Demi Lovato is usually the third person he calls during major life changes. But it turns out the singer wasn't fond of Culpo. She revealed to Billboard,

"I go, 'Honestly, I didn't like her anyway.' It's not because she's mean or anything, but he has such a great sense of humor and I want him to be with someone that makes him laugh. I can tell if something's up because he'll close off."

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Nick doesn't think he's "gay baiting" the LGBTQ community

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 29:  (Exclusive Coverage) Nick Jonas performs onstage during the kick off of the 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Fu
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Philly Mack

The Jonas brother has received some backlash when it comes to his support of the LGBTQ community. He discussed his experience speaking at the Stonewall vigil:

"I wouldn't change a thing. That's a moment—and in general the time we're in in this country—where unity, support and raising our hand and saying we can make change is what's important, so it's a shame when people make it about something else."

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They have bad days just like the rest of us

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 29:  (Exclusive Coverage) Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato perform onstage during the kick off of the 2016 Honda
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Philly Mack

"I'm in a bizarre time in my life where I'm single, but that has been tricky. And she likes drama, so I'm able to talk about my dating shit without feeling bad," Nick said about having rough days while on tour. Lovato responded, "I'm like, "Soooo, what's the ­gossip? Who is it? Tell me everything!"

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The two friends probably wouldn't be roommates in college

Nick plays a college student in the upcoming drama Goat, but he says he has a different outlook on dorms after doing the film. "No, after Goat, I'd make it my ­mission to have an apartment off campus," he stated.

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They aren't supporters of Donald Trump

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 29:  (Exclusive Coverage) Demi Lovato performs onstage during the kick off of the 2016 Honda Civic Tour: F
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Philly Mack

Demi, who shaded the presidential candidate in the past, decided to talk about Hillary: "When I went through my shit, I realized it was for a reason—to make a ­difference. I can share my story a ­million times, but it's not as tangible as going to Capitol Hill. Hillary is in ­support of mental health care and, yeah, I'm a Democrat."

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The two have been close ever since filming Disney's 'Camp Rock'

Lovato recalls,

"There's a song on my first album called 'Gonna Get Caught' about how I thought Joe was a player. I remember we were on the bus writing the bridge, and Joe is like, 'I think it should have a happy ­ending.' I'm like, 'No, I don't think it should.' And poor Nick is sitting there like, 'What are we actually deciding here?'"

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Demi is still #TeamAriana

The singer caught flack for choosing Ariana Grande over Mariah Carey, as well as defending Jennifer Lopez in the ongoing battle between the two divas. But she really doesn't seem to care. When Billboard asked if she heard from Mariah, Demi said:

"No. (Laughs.) I'm sure she's sitting on diamond records not giving a f--k what I have to say. That's fine. I don't even give a f--k what I have to say. That's why I just say it."

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