July 4, 2016


Watch Desiigner Perform Future’s ‘I Got The Keys’

In his Rolling Stone cover story, while he wishes for his ex-fiancé Ciara “to be in the best situation,” Future indirectly shades the up-and-coming rapper Desiigner.

With the rise of his single “Panda,” Desiigner garnered a number of comparisons to Future for his flow and the similarity of their voices. In the RS cover story, Future is hesitant to even mention Desiigner’s name so as to not link the two together. Future is reported as saying, “I never worried about anyone else … I don’t even want his name in the article.”

Desiigner, however, isn’t trying to distance himself from Future. While in Atlantic City, Desiigner performed Future’s new song with Jay Z and DJ Khaled“I Got the Keys,” at Premier Nightclub. Watch the footage above. Desiigner’s debut mixtape New English was released last week, listen to it here

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