July 14, 2016


Dr. Phil Suing 'The National Enquirer' for $250 Million

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Despite his demeanor as the folksy TV doctor next door, Dr. Phil is getting angry.

The psychologist/television host and his wife, Robin McGraw, are suing The National Enquirer, its owner American Media Inc. and sister publications, Star Magazine and the website RadarOnline.com for $250 million. The couple claim the publications have continuously published false stories that paint Dr. Phil as being abusive to his wife as well as being an overall hypocrite that does not follow the advice he shares with millions.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Palm Beach County, Fla., says that the publications have damaged the host's reputation with more than 85 articles written since 2003, in particular as his position as an advocate against spousal abuse. The couple's attorney, Lin Wood, said in a statement: 

"Dr. and Mrs. McGraw, after enduring years of The National Enquirer, Star and other American Media Inc. publications knowingly and recklessly printing outrageous lies about them, their marriage, their integrity and their character, have finally concluded that enough is enough and too much is too much."

American Media also put out a statement saying it will fight the lawsuit with plans to expose the 65-year-old's "stale and fraudulent claims for what they really are." They added:

"It's a delicious irony that Dr. Phil, whom a California judge has called a 'charlatan' and the Daily Beast has called a 'quack' whose 'unseemly melange of exploitation, celebrity parasitism and credential mining goes back years' has filed a lawsuit against AMI and accused it of being a 'trashy tabloid.' This from the man who visited Britney Spears in the hospital in 2008, then issued a public statement about the visit in violation of her family's trust."

We're curious to see how this all goes down, but can we make one request: Leave Britney alone out of all of this. Thanks, all.