July 30, 2016


Watch Drake and French Montana Wear Silly Mustaches In The 'No Shopping' Video

Drake and French Montanas' single "No Shopping," long assumed to be a lyrical rebuff against Joe Budden's stream of diss tracks leveled at Drizzy, just received a mustachioed music video. 

Drizzy and French assume their Dominican alter-egos—French Montaña and El Draké—and welcome viewers to their beachside golf tournament, "El Coke Boys Clasico," which is televised on "OVO Deportes." They wear goofy mustaches, talk about about pro-basketball players like "Carmelo Antonio," and put on equally goofy accents. 

The video oscillates between the duo partying with bikini-clad women at a mansion, and El Draké whacking a golf ball into the ocean. The whole thing climaxes when Drake breaks character and tells French Montana: "Your fake Spanish is legendary."

But why did Drizzy and French feel it necessary to assume Latin caricatures? Video directory Spiff TV told Billboard: "For some reason, everybody thinks Drake's Dominican and that French Montana is Puerto Rican. We wanted to give that vibe and show the world that Dominican Casa de Campo energy."

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