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What a Time to Be Somber: 13 of Drake & Future's Darkest Songs

The pair are known for their bangers, but they aren't afraid to be bummed out

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Future, "Low Life" ft. The Weeknd

Get Abel and Future on the same track and you know the numb-it-all drug use and objectify-'em-all approach to women is going to get grimy.—Zach Dionne

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Drake, "Keep the Family Close"

Unlike many Drake songs, the wintry production of this Views opener isn't meant to keep you warm at night. The Toronto MC broods about betrayal and getting his feelings hurt over a cinematic beat, which gets attacked by orchestral drums.—Bianca Gracie

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Future, "Lil Haiti Baby”

The casual flexing all over this EVOL cut can't overshadow the grim sonics or the hook about how versed this kid is in shootings. Also features more not-fun drug use with lines like, "Dumping down the pills, I feel my head explodin’ / Roll a pound of dope, I gotta keep on smokin'."—Zach Dionne

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Drake, "Trust Issues"

Leave it to Aubrey to take his own sample from 2011's "I'm On One" and create an absolutely miserable track. Heartbreak Drake is in full effect here, as he croons, "I don't trust these bitches, they might catch me slipping / So you're the only one."—Bianca Gracie

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Future, "Blood on the Money"

Getting paid is great, but having to reconcile that payday with blood all over the cash—metaphorically or actually—isn't pretty.—Zach Dionne

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Drake & Future, "Live From the Gutter"

There's nothing more menacing than Future's slurred recall of his trap life. On WATTBA's "Live From the Gutter," he paints a gritty drug-filled description over a somber piano beat: 

"Wake up in the house I look up, I see bales everywhere / I see girls everywhere, I see scales everywhere / I see heron everywhere, I get mail everywhere / Walked inside the booth and came out in a Learjet / A fiend for that lean I ain't started drinking beer yet"

—Bianca Gracie

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Future, "March Madness”

The Tarantino beat paired with Future's dead-eyed substance-snarfing and semi-wokeness makes for one of the most simultaneously hype and dark songs in recent memory. Consider:

"Shoot a n---a like a film in a movie / N---a gon' let 'em have it We ballin' like the March Madness / All these cops shootin' n---as, tragic / I'm the one that's livin' lavish / Like I'm playin' for the Mavericks / I didn't wanna fuck the bitch, the molly made me fuck her even though she average"

—Zach Dionne

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Drake, "Marvins Room"

I'm still waiting for an R&B singer to record a song sappier than the drunken and lonely "Marvins Room," the desperation-filled single from Drake's sophomore album Take Care.—Bianca Gracie

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Future, "Lil One”

Future procedurally combs through street violence with a more tragic tone than usual on this one. It's hard to sound tough or arrogant when you're talking about turning "the hood into Iraq" and falling asleep only to wake up with a gun in your hand.—Zach Dionne

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Drake, "Jungle"

2015's If You're Reading This It's Too Late has its fair share of fire starters, but the weight of "Jungle" almost drowns the rest of the album with its sorrow.—Bianca Gracie

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Drake, "Look What You've Done"

This Take Care deep cut finds Drake revealing his innermost thoughts about his relationship with various family members: mother Sandi, grandmother Evelyn and Uncle Steve. You'll find yourself wiping away tears before the track ends.—Bianca Gracie

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Future, "Codeine Crazy"

Many like to gloss over the fact that Future might have a problem with drinking lean, thanks to party tracks like "Codeine Crazy." But it's a little concerning when he mumbles "Drownin' in Actavis, suicide / When I hit the scene it’s homicide."—Bianca Gracie

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Drake, "The Motion"

This track finds Drake actually going through the motions, where he finds himself in an emotional tug of war with a girl he just can't seem to let go of.—Bianca Gracie

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