July 10, 2016


El-P Disses 'Pokémon GO,' Kicks Off Pokémon Rap Remix Contest

Roger Kisby/Getty Images
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

In a series of tweets posted yesterday, El-P went from dissing Pokémon GO, saying he was “hacked” and taking back what he said, to launching a Pokémon rap remix contest. 

It all began when he joked about the new game Pokémon GO, an app that has users walk around using their phone’s camera to locate Pokémon in their area, and the hazards involved in such a game. “Someone is going to get accidentally maimed or killed off this pokemon shit,” the rapper tweeted.

After receiving some playful backlash from Pokémon fans, El-P took back what he previously and tweeted the following:

To express his encouragement of the “pokemon community,” he shared a funny, lackluster freestyle in which he raps, “Rap about Pokemon because we like it / We all are a community / We are a community that likes the Pokémon and I’m just glad that I’m one of you.” Then he launched a rap remix contest and encouraged Pokémon fans to send remixes of his Instagram video.

Find some of the early submissions below.