July 15, 2016


Eric Nam Drops Smooth, Feel-Good Single 'Can't Help Myself': Watch

In late June, Eric Nam told Fuse that he was gearing up to reveal a new single boasting "a more fun, fresh sound than I've done before." Today, the Atlanta-bred singer makes good on his promise with "Can't Help Myself" that features K-pop rapper Loco.

Listen to the track above that incorporates a bit of the breezy summer sound we heard in his tropical-house collaboration "Into You," but puts a feel-good pop spin on it with bouncy, "Party in the U.S.A."-like guitar riffs and fun handclaps. Nam focuses on his falsetto to craft a slew of catchy "oohs" hooks that results in his most instant single to date.

The accompanying video plays off the vibrant sonic mood as well as Eric's famously fun personality as the pop star/TV host does his best to woo a love interest with a slew of quirky magic tricks and silly "notice me!" actions. One of the best parts has to be the accompanying choreography where Eric moves his arms in a wave-like motion to accompany the smooth "ooh oohs" on the hook. And don't miss a little dabbing thrown in there.

Watch Eric talk about his new K-pop single in our KCON interview below while also sharing details on his upcoming "Into You" music video that stars an actor from a beloved ABC sitcom: