July 27, 2016


Father John Misty Turned Down $250,000 to Cover The Backstreet Boys For a Chipotle Ad

Father John Misty is a man of principle, or at least disinclined to accept easy payouts from corporate burrito peddlers like Chipotle. 

At the Newport Folk Festival over the weekend, Misty revealed to a snickering audience that Chipotle offered him $250,000 to cover The Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" for a commercial. Holding true to conviction, Misty rebuffed the offer. He said at the festival: “I was like, ‘Cool, so then I can just buy like two Cadillacs and just crash them together. I don’t want your fucking burrito money.”

Consequence of Sound notes that Chipotle did manage to corral Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Jim James of My Morning Jacket for the ad. Alabama Shakes was the following day's headliner at Newport, but to give Misty some benefit, it's more likely that he sought to lambast the current state of folk music rather than air misgivings about Howard. 

He capped off the monologue with a bold prophecy, loosely tied to folk music, strongly tied to capitalism: "The underclass in this country is going to produce a real folk hero that’s going to inspire a real revolution. And all of us are gonna have to die.” More snickers and laughs followed. 

Next up, listen to Father John Misty talk about his unexpected inspirations, none of which apply to burrito bowls or $4.00 guacamole: