July 2, 2016


Frank Ocean's New Album 'Boys Don't Cry' Is Coming This July (...Probably)

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

It's probably been years since the last time you hit your local library and checked out a book, but that won't keep you from understanding that the slip on Frank Ocean's website means that new material is going to flood our ears sooner rather than later.

Early this morning, Ocean gave his website an unexpected makeover: The graphic of a library check-out card on the homepage is anchored on the phrase "Boys Don't Cry," the long-rumored title of the album, and the final timestamp—for July 2016—indicates that we'll get the hugely, huuuugely anticipated follow-up to the critically adored and GRAMMY-winning Channel Orange by the end of the month.

This waiting game for fans has been lengthy, to say the least. As we lay out for you in the Complete Guide to Frank Ocean's Upcoming Second Album, talk of the LP kicked off nearly as soon as Channel Orange was out, with inklings reaching back as far as 2013 confirming that Ocean had new music in the works. Collaborators posted clues on social media from that point forward, capturing Ocean in the studio and offering up tidbits in various interviews that all seemed to say the same thing: Ocean was working, and hard, but nope, no one knows when the record's coming out. This was the M.O. up until as recently as May, when James Blake told Entertainment Weekly that his new album samples some yet-unheard Ocean material.

Now, we've got confirmation from Ocean himself that we can expect something soon enough. Here's hoping that "July 2016" stamp won't get crossed out for the time being. In the meantime, feast your ears on this Frank Ocean playlist, and check out this episode of Fuse's Back of the Class podcast below, which discusses a leak of Ocean's music from earlier this year.