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Miss You, Frank

12 Flawless Frank Ocean Live Videos to Mesmerize Your Soul

'Boys Don't Cry' may or may not arrive this month, but we've figured out a way to distract ourselves

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"I Miss You" in New York City in 2011

The version Beyoncé recorded for 4 is a staple, but Frank Ocean singing his own creation is evocative enough to ease the pain of there being no studio version.

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"Sierra Leone" at Sweden's Bråvalla Festival in 2013

The performance lives up to the shirt. (And wraps with a killer horn outro.)

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"Pyramids" on 'SNL' in 2012

Tragic for this 10-minute Channel Orange centerpiece to get snipped, but this John Mayer–backed version turned out spectacularly. Don't miss Frank's fuzzed-out AutoTune croons at the end (or the part where he just glides over to an arcade game and starts mashing buttons).

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"Swim Good" in New York City in 2012

Frank had just enough distance from his debut mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra to give this single a whole new flavor both in his hard-edged, patois-laced vocals and the more atmospheric, relaxed instrumental arrangement.

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"Wiseman" in Paris in 2013

Is there any other young artist who could just sit in a chair and hold our entire attention like this?

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"Forrest Gump" at Coachella in 2012

Almost three months before Channel Orange, Frank used his festival set to debut one of his select cuts expressly about his (or his narrator's) love for a man. The crowd loved it.

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"By Your Side" in New York in 2012

Imagine this Sade cover being part of Frocean's set every time. And imagine seeing this show, where he opened with the damn thing.

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"Songs for Women" in Munich in 2013

Frank nixed the bopping beat to make this version all about his voice.

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"Pink Matter" in London in 2011

If you're singing with everything you've got, there's a good chance your mouth and/or entire face are going to look ridiculous. And dang did Frank give everything he had here (plus a little quiet rapping at the end).

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"Super Rich Kids" at Sweden's Bråvalla Festival in 2013

Based on this clip, "Super Rich Kids" is poised to become one of Frank's biggest concert calling cards once/if he really gets the touring game rolling.

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"Thinkin Bout You" on 'SNL' in 2013

Frocean bumped the gamer aesthetic up a few notches by bringing a small arcade's worth of coin-ops with him, then delivered a live-album-worthy rendition of his biggest song.

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"Novacane" in L.A. in 2012

The Nostalgia Ultra single had the crowd singing at deafening volume at the Wiltern.

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