July 17, 2016


'Ghostbusters' Scores Best Live-Action Comedy Opening Since 'Pitch Perfect 2'

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Now that its first weekend in theaters is coming to a close, all of those dudes who wailed about how their childhood was ruined by a female-driven reboot of the beloved, ghoul-hunting movies can be silenced for the time being. Ghostbusters brought in $46 million at the box office, and while it didn't do quite as well as its champions would hope, it hit a serious milestone in the process.

Following close behind The Secret Life of Pets, which took home $50.6 million thanks to its zany, animated animal adventures, Ghostbusters clinched the best opening weekend for a live-action comedy since Pitch Perfect 2, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The sizeable budget Ghostbusters had to work with keeps coming up, as $40.6 million isn't an ideal return for a movie that cost $144 million to make. Still, the studio is stoked: Sony's worldwide marketing and distribution president, Josh Greenstein, said that they're "ecstatic" with Ghostbuster's initial box office showing, that they "restarted an important brand" and that they're looking forward to further success of the picture in the coming weeks.

Check out Ghostbusters in theaters now, and listen to the Back of the Class podcast episode that hashes out Ghostbusters business below.