July 21, 2016


Gwen Stefani Recalls Working With Prince, Says 'I'm Not a Very Good Singer'

There are very few artists that got a co-sign from Prince, so when Gwen Stefani was recording the No Doubt song "Waiting Room" with The Purple One himself, she was understandably nervous. 

The "Misery" singer spoke to Howard Stern about the experience, which elicited some of her biggest fears as a singer. 

"I was so scared," she said of the eight-hour recording process, seen above. "I'm not even that good of a singer—I'm saying technically, as a singer. I have my style, but it's not like I have a big range. I can sing in tune and I can hear notes, but he's just like a genius."

And just in case you needed any further reminder of how cool Prince was, Stefani later revealed how Prince was always keeping his finger on the pulse when it came to pop music. When Gwen was recording vocals his 1999 song "So Far, So Pleased," Prince told the No Doubt diva that he suspected Jennifer Lopez would soon be one to watch.

We miss you, Prince. Hopefully more kickass stories continue to come out about the icon.

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