July 18, 2016


'Hardy Boys' and 'Nancy Drew' Comics Are Coming!

Dynamite Comics
Dynamite Comics

Here's some news you and your parents and your grandparents can get nostalgic about together.

New comic books based around classic series Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys will soon be published, according to an announcement at the 2016 San Deigo Comic Con. Comic publishing company Dynamite Entertainment (home to Dracula, Terminator, Zorro, RoboCop, Alice in Wonderland and Shelrock Holmes properties) announced a new licensing agreement with Simon & Schuster to give the publisher access to the beloved, 90-year-old properties.

Longitme fans known that Nancy Drew books originally debuted in 1927, while The Hardy Boys came in 1930. A television adaptation of the two series ran from 1977 to 1979.

The new comics will debut in 2017.

Watch cosplayers detail their processes for Comic Con below: