July 4, 2016


Iamsu! Admits He Lied About Frank Ocean's New Album

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Inmages
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Inmages

Update (7/4 2:30 p.m.): Iamsu! shared that he actually lied about his earlier tweets about listening to Frank Ocean's new record. "I was just joking," he tweeted. 

Original story (7/4): Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated forthcoming album is apparently so much “worth the wait” that Bay Area rapper Iamsu! was up last night tweeting early acclaim. 

In his late-night Twitter session, Iamsu! shared that he contributed to Ocean’s follow-up to 2012’s channel ORANGE. He tweeted, “He did not disappoint! thanks for letting me be apart of history bro!” The build-up to Frank’s sophomore LP has basically been 4 years so news like this should only excite fans for the upcoming weeks.

On Saturday (July 2), Ocean’s website showed a mysterious update with an image of a library check-out card that suggests Boys Don’t Cry, the rumored titled for the album, will see a release date in July. For now, check out the complete guide to Ocean’s second full-length album. 

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