July 31, 2016


Watch Jack White & Third Man Play Record in Space for First Time

Jack White’s Third Man Records made history by successfully playing a phonographic record in space

The label launched a vessel called the Icarus Craft that had a built-in “space-proof” turntable. As the spacecraft flew up (by a balloon) outside Marsing, Idaho, it played a gold-plated record of Third Man’s 2010 release of Carl Sagan’s “A Glorious Dawn.”  The two-hour footage of the space endeavor can be seen above. If you’re a little spare on time, a truncated clip is below.

Surprisingly, the record was still spinning as it crash landed. The Icarus Craft was in the air for about an hour and twenty minutes and traveled at least 94,000 feet up. Take a look at a photo of the record after its flight below.

After watching the footage of the first record to space launch, take a tour of the Third Man Records store below: