July 8, 2016


Jaden Smith Drops New Song 'Labor V2' for His 18th Birthday

Usually, you receive gifts from other people for your birthday, but Jaden Smith is reversing that notion by giving a musical present on the same day he turns 18. So, HBD, Jaden! And...thank you?

"Labor V2" pulls in a flush of strings and a sullen English horn, making it an orchestral affair to begin with. Jaden's flow is constant and punctuated in all the right spots, with a seemingly never-ending stream of wordplay and top-notch rhymes: "How many times am I tellin' 'em, just because you see the melanin doesn't mean that I'm a felon / I'm here to show you the intelligence."

On "Labor V2," he claims that he needs to finish his album and that he's a "Calabasas kingpin" while also being "underground like Harriet Tubman." A muted, Louisiana-style trumpet closes out the track.

It's been quite the inventive year for the oldest Smith fledgling. Jaden became the first dude to grace the cover of Nylon this week, and earlier this year, he was one of the faces of Louis Vuitton's womenswear campaign.