July 27, 2016


Jared Leto Used to Steal From Matthew McConaughey

Theo Wenner on Rolling Stone
Theo Wenner on Rolling Stone

Jared Leto is a Method actor. And that means sometimes you have to steal from Matthew McConaughey. 

In Leto's cover story with Rolling Stone, the Suicide Squad actor delved into his Method acting techniques and how sometimes they hurt him. The mag asked about his experience losing an unhealthy amount of weight for his Oscar-winning turn as Rayon in 2013's Dallas Buyers Club, as well as gaining too much for 2007's Chapter 27. "I think I felt before that you have to suffer a bit to get something worthy," he said, "and that's ridiculous."

But his intense Method acting affected everybody around him too.

"He tried to steal things from me," McConaughey told the magazine about working with Leto on Dallas Buyers Club. "Literally, my pocketknife, lighters, et cetera." DBC director Jean-Marc Vallée confirmed the stories, saying Leto never broke character on set, even in between takes. Vallée never met the true Leto until filming ended.

And, of course, you might be familiar will the story that the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman sent used condoms and a rat to his fellow Suicide Squad castmates to better submerge himself into the role of the Joker?

"Look, they weren't used condoms," director David Ayer told RS. "Let's be real here. "They're removed from their packages, but it wasn't actually used. And, of course, I was mortified. Like, 'Jared, put that stuff away—get that out of here, what are you doing?'"

Well, we're glad that the condoms weren't used, but we wouldn't put it past Leto, who opened up about a time when he pretended to take heroin with users in New York to study up for his role in 2000's Requiem for a Dream. Instead of actually using, he shot up with water.

"People would be uncomfortable if they're all shooting up and you're not," Leto shared. "I wasn't sharing a needle. To shoot up anything is intense. That was a long time ago. I wouldn't do that again."

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