July 8, 2016


Jay Z Drops 'Spiritual,' Is 'Saddened & Disappointed' by American Injustice

Joseph Okpako/Getty Images
Joseph Okpako/Getty Images

Jay Z surprise-released his first solo track in three years early Friday morning. Called "Spiritual," the song shares a political message about police brutality in the United States, and comes in the wake of this week's police killings of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

As per usual with any Jay Z release, "Spiritual" is a Tidal exclusive. Preview the song below and listen on Tidal if you're a subscriber.

Jay Z shared an accompanying statement with the song, noting that he had originally planned to share the track after the August 2014 killing of Mike Brown by police in Ferguson, Mo. Read his full statement on the track, which includes a quote from early civil rights activist Frederick Douglass, below:

The song comes as chaos is currently unfolding in Dallas, Texas, where five police officers have been killed by snipers at a Black Lives Matter protest. For live updates from the scene, follow rolling coverage from CNN and The New York Times.