July 29, 2016


Jean-Claude Van Damme Can’t Handle Interview Questions

Sunrise on Facebook
Sunrise on Facebook

While being interviewed via satellite by Sunrise, an Australian TV show, Jean-Claude Van Damme couldn’t take it anymore and walked off camera. He said the questions being asked were too boring.

During filming, the actor appears to be very distracted. He’s frustrated by the crew at first, then the questions are too boring and finally ends in him getting up from the interview.

As Van Damme gets up with the recording device still on, you can hear him say: “What the f*** is going on with Australia? What the f*** is going on? I cannot do this.”

Van Damme is headed to Australia for a speaking tour, although if this is any indication of the type of speech he plans to give he might not have much of an audience.

You can watch his slow meltdown in the video below.