July 5, 2016


Watch Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Rock His 1998 High School Battle of the Bands

With so little Bon Iver studio material in this harsh world, fans have to take what they can get for Justin Vernon–ian tuneage. You've got Bon Iver remixes and covers, old JV solo tracks, side projects like the rocking Shouting Matches and the mind-blowing Volcano Choir and the sprawling, un-pin-down-able collective that is Gayngs.

Today, though, a little more than five years after the release of Bon Iver, Bon Iver, what we're watching is a half-hour video of Mount Vernon, the now-35-year-old's high school band. According to Pitchfork, twas a Battle of the Bands situation. By our count, there are at least nine Wisconsin youngsters onstage, including future members of DeYarmond Edison (Vernon's pre–Bon Iver act), Megafaun and Gayngs. And they know how to #jam, man.

P4k also notes that Mount Vernon dropped their debut album, We Can Look Up, in '98. Justin Vernon hasn't commented on the existence of the clip yet on Twitter, although he did enjoy Garrison Keillor's final episode of Prairie Home Companion, had you found yourself wondering.