July 16, 2016


What's Kanye West's Favorite Song of 2016 (So Far)?

Contrary to popular belief, Kanye West isn't all outrage and controversy and music videos that shock and awe like none other. West voiced his adoration for "Friends," the new song that features him guesting on a Francis and the Lights track with Bon Iver, and he had high—albeit short and sweet—praise for the collaboration.

The "Friends" video is a stark contrast on pretty much every level from "Famous," the video featuring the wax likenesses of a handful of naked celebrities in bed with West that he dropped a couple of weeks back. Maybe that's why "Friends" is Ye's favorite: It's easy on the ears and it doesn't drum up scores of shrieking headlines in the process.

Watch "Friends" above, and check out this latest episode of The Kanye Effect, which explores Kanye's penchant for finding sensational talent, below.