July 29, 2016


Watch Katy Perry Give a Rousing Speech and Performance At Democratic National Convention

Katy Perry is a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, and her allegiance to the Democratic party's nominee for president was clearly expressed on Thursday night. 

At the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the singer gave a speech, introducing her background as the daughter of two conservative, Republican pastors, then proceeded to tear the house down with a performance of her songs "Rise" and "Roar." 

Before performing, the singer talked about her conservative upbringing: “Both of my parents are pastors and staunch Republicans. I didn’t finish high school, and unfortunately I don’t have a formal education. But I do have an open mind and I have a voice.” 

With her open mind, Perry implored the crowd to make some bold decisions when the presidential election rolls around November 8:

“I’m asking you to have an open mind and to use your voice, because on November 8, you’ll be just as powerful as any NRA lobbyist. You’ll have as much say as any billionaire. Or you can just cancel out your weird cousin’s vote, if you’d like.”

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