July 8, 2016


Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy Crew Hop on Schoolboy Q's 'That Part' Remix: Listen

Schoolboy Q's "That Part" single is a monster on its own, but he decided to take the in-your-face vibes to a higher level by adding on the rest of Black Hippy Crew to the remix. Kendrick LamarJay Rock and Ab-Soul join their crew member for the track, which gets a raw and relevant political spin.

The three rappers own their given verses by showcasing their unique flows, but it is Schoolboy Q's new verse that reflects just how frustrated we are with the recent police brutality that lead to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, incessant shootings as well as our support for the #BlackLivesMatterMovement. He spits (via Genius),

Enemies gotta bob and weave / Gangbangin' like we stand for somethin' / When Alton Sterling gettin' killed for nothin' / Two cowards in the car, they're just there to film / Sayin' #BlackLivesMatter should've died with him / Wrong nigga in your hood, you gon' ride on him / White nigga with a badge, you gon' let that slide? / Tell me how they sent that footage off and slept that night / I feel bad that my daughter gotta live this life / I'll die for my daughter, gotta fight this fight / Put a Blank Face on, nigga let that drop

The "That Part" remix comes after Drake's open letter following Alton Sterling's death, Beyoncé's call to action and Jay Z's "Spiritual" song. Schoolboy Q's fourth album, Blank Face LP, is officially out today.

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