July 3, 2016


Kenny Chesney Fans Wreak Havoc at Pittsburgh Concert

Denise Truscello/WireImage
Denise Truscello/WireImage

Kenny Chesney fans are noted hooligans

At Chesney’s concert in Pittsburgh, his fans caused chaos by getting drunk, rowdy and aggressive, by leaving mounds of trash, and by just generally being unruly. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that by 9:15 P.M., 25 people were taken to the hospital, five people were arrested inside the stadium, and several fights broke out. Many of these incidents, if not all, were due to alcohol-related issues.

As if the disorderly atmosphere wasn’t enough, a ton of trash was left behind after the concert. The Post-Gazette details how “pickup trucks crunched glass bottles,” and a foul-smelling stench came from the “fluid from portable toilets” that “overflowed into the street,” only adding to the already “reeking hulking mass of garbage.”

Not all Chesney fans are prone to hooliganism. As one attendee told the Post-Gazette, “This is not the Kenny crowd, that’s not what we do.”