July 12, 2016


Kevin Durant Calls Drake ‘Favorite Rapper,’ Reacts to Rap Shout-Outs

Kevin Durant recently announced that he was signing with the Golden State Warriors, Lil B’s favorite NBA team. After the announcement, Lil B lifted his longstanding curse on the NBA player. After insulting the rapper in 2011, The BasedGod placed a hex on Durant, even making a diss track called “Fuck KD.” 

Lil B is not the only rapper to name-drop the Golden State signee. In a new interview with Genius, Kevin Durant talked about what it felt like to be mentioned by so many rappers, Drake and Jay Z among them. On Views, Drake name-drops KD on “Weston Road Flows,” and Jay Z shouts out the NBA player on “Crown.” Durant expressed how flattered he is to garner their attention, calling Drake his “favorite rapper.” Watch the interview above.

In his second segment for Genius, Durant listed some of the music he plays to get ready for a game. The NBA star cited A Tribe Called Quest’s second album and third album, The Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders, respectively. Check out the video above to find out the other artists and musicians he enjoys.