July 31, 2016


Kid Cudi Responds to Kanye West’s ‘Apple Music’ Rant

Michael Hickey/Getty Images
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Yesterday, Kanye West unleashed a Twitter rant about the music service feud between Apple Music and Tidal. Ye suggested he get Apple CEO Tim Cook, Jay Z, Jimmy Iovine, Larry Jackson, Drake, and Scooter Braun in a room to organize some plan of action. 

Sunday afternoon, Kid Cudi responded on Twitter to reiterate what West was pointing out: “This shit aint about music.” In a series of tweets, Cudi agreed with West and commented on the wealth of industry heads. Read his tweets below:

Cudi appeared on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album released earlier this year. He also released his own track called “The Frequency” back in March. His last album, Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven, was released December 2015.