July 23, 2016


'Kong: Skull Island': See The Biggest, Meanest King Kong Ever In New Trailer

King Kong has always been a big, mean, ferocious giant ape, but in Kong: Skull Island, the beast is literally the size of a skyscraper. 

Revealed at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, the teaser trailer for Kong: Skull Island unveiled the biggest King Kong ever to grace a screen, which should induce chills and make you cling to the edge of your seat. 

As Slash Film points out, Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts said in June: “This is going to be the biggest Kong there’s ever been. Not 10-foot or 30-foot, but a 100-foot ape.”

Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson lead a cast that includes Samuel L. Jackson, Thomas Mann, Shea Whigham, Eugene Cordero, Tian Jing and John Goodman as Randa, the expedition-leading government official who knows more about the beast than anyone else. 

Kong: Skull Island releases in March 2017. In the meantime, check out these awesome cosplayers from New York Comic Con 2015: