July 27, 2016


Lady Gaga Lawsuit Reveals 'Born This Way' Made $423 Million


Lady Gaga just defeated a lawsuit by French artist Orlan claiming the pop star plagiarized her work, but some of the smaller details of the case may be more interesting to the public.

Known as a "carnal artist," Orlan claimed that Born This Way-era Gaga copied her performance pieces claiming, for example, that Gaga's bony look during the album promotions were a rip-off of a performance piece where Orlan surgically embedded cheek bones in her head. Saying the inspiration went too far, Orlan wanted 7.5 percent of the $31.7 million the album made in royalties. That little figure means Born This Way made nearly $423 million in royalties... a large chunk of which would go to Gaga as she wrote or co-wrote every song. Now, that's "Money Honey."

The figure may surprise pop fans who don't typically think of Born This Way as an overall success for Gaga, despite it selling more than a million copies in its first week, scoring a No. 1 hit with its title track and first single, plus producing four more Top 40 singles.

It makes us wonder how much The Fame or Artpop made in royalties? 

If you're now craving some old-school Gaga, check out a classic Fuse interview where the singer explains the inspiration behind her Fame Monster EP: