Lady Gaga arrives on the red carpet for the 88th Oscars on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. / AFP / JEAN BAPTISTE

Being Lady Gaga is full of great milestones: This year alone, she's given masterful and politically charged performances at the Academy AwardsGRAMMYs, and Super Bowl. She's also managed to forge a relationship with the Dalai Lama—a meeting that's gotten her blacklisted by the Chinese government. Yay milestones! 

Somewhere in this whirlwind, Gaga forgot to get her driver's license, but she apparently took care of that issue on Saturday. The singer posted an effusively giddy Instagram caption celebrating the accomplishment, which you can take a look at below: 

Now that she's got her license, the next order of business for Gaga might be delivering that vaunted new album. Originally rumored to release this year, it was revealed last month by Elton John that her follow up to 2013's ArtPop might be delivered in early 2017.

So if you just can't wait for the new record—which is apparently "absolutely brilliant," per Sir Elton John— check out a conversation Fuse had with a young Lady Gaga in 2009: