July 11, 2016


Lamb of God's Randy Blythe 'Almost Got Killed' in Car Accident: Read His Statement

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe detailed the aftermath of a serious automobile accident that occurred over the weekend, where he says he almost died. 

Fortunately the metal singer and his friends involved are fine, but Blythe used Instagram (where he showcases his photography) to document the incident in a series of pictures. He explains in the first photo:

Listen to me, little girl: this is what you almost died in yesterday. This is what you almost killed me, my 2 friends, our dog, & another driver with. This is what you almost killed your 3 friends with. This is what you almost killed YOURSELF with. I sat parked on the side of the two-lane country road & I watched as you plowed into our chase vehicle's trailer- I saw your truck hit it & fly into the air. Like a slow-motion horror movie scene, you sprouted deadly wings & flew high into the air towards us before crashing onto the road a few feet away. You had hit another truck before you even crashed into our trailer. We were in the middle of nowhere, on wide-open road, with a clear view for miles. How did you not see us?

Blythe goes on to share that he and his friends ran to the flipped truck and saw the bloodied passengers (he refers to the driver as a "child" and "little girl") emerge: 

You were so quick to deny blame, screeching your head off before the rest of your friends were even out of your mangled truck- you are a child; a child driving a huge, deadly weapon. By the way, that's you going into shock on our trailer while the EMTs work on you & your other friend- I watched it happen. If Kim hadn't been behind me & Rob with that trailer, we would have joined you. Or worse.

The singer questions if the driver was drunk or high before stating he was "unbelievably lucky" to have been given a second chance at life. The lesson is clear here: Put away your phone while driving because a missed text or call can't compare to an bloody injury, or worse, death. 

Below, watch an interview from the Fuse vault where Lamb of God discuss concert safety: