LDN Noise Grow Louder: British Producers on EXO's New Single 'Lotto' & 'Changing' K-Pop

Earlier this year, EXO continued their string of pristine pop hits with the hard-hitting electro-pop cut "Monster" and disco dazzler "Lucky One"—very different tracks that were only strung together by their innovative production and undeniable choruses. Both were the work of production duo LDN Noise.

The British producers have helmed the K-pop phenom's just-announced new single "Lotto," too, but are more or less at a loss for words when it comes to describing it to Fuse over the phone, when they call from their home base in London

"Expect the unexpected," says LDN Noise—a.k.a. songwriter Greg Bonnick and DJ Hayden Chapman—when they're talking about EXO's next song, out on Aug. 18. "It's completely different to 'Monster,' completely different to 'Lucky One.' It's nothing like they've done previously."