July 21, 2016


Live Action 'Pokémon' Movie to Begin Production Next Year

Getty Images
Getty Images

As a stampede-causingbattery-draining mobile gaming phenomenon unmatched by any competitor in United States history, Pokémon GO has catapulted the 20-year-old Pokémon franchise to unforeseen heights. 

Variety reports that Legendary and The Pokémon Co. are partnering to bring a live action Pokémon film to the screen, and are beginning production in 2017 on a project rumored to be based on Detective Pikachu, a character recently introduced to the franchise.  

Pokémon was pretty popular even before Nintendo got into the mix and pioneered the next wave of hysteria with Pokémon GO: Since its birth in 1996, Pokémon has seen 279 million video games sold worldwide and 21.5 billion playing cards shipped to 74 countries, all while an animated television series ran for 19 seasons, notes Variety

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