July 23, 2016


Meghan Trainor's Show at The Greek Theatre Was The Perfect Summer Night

Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Epic Records
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Epic Records

Last night was the perfect L.A. summer night at The Greek Theatre. I got to spend the night at one of my favorite venues watching Meghan Trainor belt out hit after hit. 

The 22-year-old pop star wore multiple beautiful dresses and was surrounded by four backup dancers. The stage was filled out by the backup band—all seven members wore 1950’s-inspired blue-fitted suits.

As Trainor opened the show with a strong performance of “Me Too,” rainbow glow sticks floated throughout the audience. The visuals playing behind her switched between songs, oscillating back and forth from Andy Warhol-esque cartoon images and videos she’s taken with friends, celebrities and different loved ones on the road.

She later brought out her phone to take some selfies and videos for Instagram. After that, she slowed things down with a couple ballads: She sang “Hopeless Romantic” while standing in the spotlight, accompanied only by her guitarist, who fingerpicked the song. She then brought out her ukulele—covered in silver sparkles of course—singing “Just a Friend,” to a swooning crowd.

But the song that put the audience in a sentimental mood was “Mom.” Maybe it was the black-and-white video that played in the background, or that half the crowd was comprised of young girls seeing this show with their mothers. Whatever the reason was, I certainly felt a little emotional. In the wake of all that emotion, I may or may not have texted my Mom an “I Love You” Bitmoji. 

The song immediately to follow was “Dance Like Yo Daddy.” Funny Snapchat videos and other clips of Trainor’s Dad dancing like a total dad played onscreen. This was followed by her Dad coming out onstage to show us his awesome dance moves in person.

Trainor’s Dad wasn’t the only guest onstage. About an hour into the show and three beautiful dresses later, the house lights came up and “Like I'm Gonna Lose You” began to play. Everyone went wild. Meghan sang the song’s intro, and just as the male lead vocals were about to start, she welcomed The Late Late Show’s James Corden onto the stage. As a theater geek and a fan of his show, I went crazy. Fingers crossed for the next Carpool Karaoke, which should totally be with Meghan Trainor!

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