July 24, 2016


The 7 Cutest Moments From Melanie Martinez's Panorama Festival Performance

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Melanie Martinez is one of the most charmingly unique artists to arise in pop music lately, and the 21-year-old songstress channeled her quirky doll persona at New York City's inaugural Panorama fest on Saturday. She's known for bringing her slightly twisted concepts to life, and it resulted in some very adorable moments.

The Fuse First singer transported the audience (which was filled with mainly teenage girls) into a dreamlike fantasy where she performed fan favorites like "Soap," "Training Wheels," "Pity Party," "Mrs. Potato Head," and "Cry Baby.". Scroll down for all the cutest highlights we witnessed during Melanie Martinez's Panorama performance.

1. Lady in red: Melanie emerged on the stage rocking a darling red baby-doll dress that showed off her thigh tattoos, and—of course—her signature half-black, half-white tresses.

2. Some furry mates: The singer's backing band was in character too, wearing headpieces that made them look like a bear-human hybrid.

3. Cry Baby comes to life: The stage's backdrop was transformed into a nursery, which was complete with a larger-than-life crib, building blocks and a hanging mobile.

4. A family affair: In the middle of Melanie's set, a father stopped to take a photo of his son, who couldn't be older than 14 and was smiling from ear to ear.

5. Hey, cool hair: The crowd's hair was just as cool as Melanie's own, with one girl rocking ice-grey space buns. The singer would definitely approve!

6. Karaoke vibes: Once Melanie began performing "Pity Party," the crowd erupted in shouts and began a singalong when the chorus kicked in.

7. Let's dance: The artist showed off her moves when she broke into a silly dance during "Soap." Who couldn't resist that spacey bass drop?

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