July 14, 2016


Listen to M.I.A. 'Go Off' Feat. Skrillex, From Her Final Album

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M.I.A. announced earlier on Thursday that she'll be back with her fifth album, A.I.M., on Sept. 9. And now, she's got a new song for us.

"Go Off" is a collaboration with Skrillex and Blaqstarr, and has the Sri Lankan rapper AutoTune-ing her voice and serving up hella other vocal twists, like childlike echos, distorted chanting, rapping on a delay and some reverby sustained notes. It's almost as if every electronic effect in the book has been pasted into this song.

The rapper said that A.I.M. will be her last record, but will be the "cleanest album I've ever had," which means that "there's no complaints on it."

Earlier this week, M.I.A. revealed the her A.I.M. artwork on Twitter, unveiling a bright orange cover. The album is the follow-up to 2013's Matangi.

M.I.A. previously said the album will feature 12 tracks and that she would drop it in July. She claimed that she doesn't have a working visa to promote the album in the U.S., so there's still no word on if she'll be touring stateside in support of the new LP. But we do know that, come September, she'll be dealing out positive vibes.

"[I realized] you can make a record that's happy about surviving. And not constantly talk about fight. At the end of the day, I feel like—maybe this is totally gibberish to everyone—but it's probably better to remind people about survival than it is about the moment you go to battle. Because that's just a moment."