July 9, 2016


Miguel Broke Down Crying While Speaking About Police Brutality

During his performance at Wireless Festival last night, Miguel delivered an emotional speech about recent events in the U.S. and police violence. 

“To those afraid for tomorrow, we don’t have to live in fear,” Miguel told the London audience. He urged the crowd to consider the political climate that will affect generations to come. “We can’t let shit just blow over and not take action anymore. Look, our children will inherit this Earth when we’re gone. What are we leaving for them?” 

“What are we doing for them now, not tomorrow? Now!” Miguel continued. Repeating “Now,” the 30-year-old R&B singer’s voice rose in volume, as tears fell down his face. He concluded by appealing to everyone to take action: “We gotta do something! We gotta say something!” Watch footage above, via UTOR.

Earlier in the day (July 8), Miguel shared an initial demo of a song titled “How Many,” addressing the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality.