July 26, 2016


Miss Cleo Dead at 53 After Battling Cancer

Lilly Echeverria/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images
Lilly Echeverria/Miami Herald/MCT via Getty Images

Miss Cleo is dead at 53 after a battle with cancer. The ebullient TV psychic and mother of two daughters became known for her quotable ads in the '90s. Reps tell TMZ she died on Tuesday morning in Florida's Palm Beach County. Fox also got confirmation.

"We're told she was recently hospitalized," the site writes, "but was discharged last week to a hospice center." She was reportedly diagnosed with colon cancer, which spread to her lungs and liver. "The rep said Cleo remained a 'pillar of strength' during her illness ... and died surrounded by family and friends."

Miss Cleo's birth name was Youree Harris. The Psychic Readers Network personality was also an actress, taking the stage in the mid-'90s in Seattle and voicing a character in 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In 2015 she reemerged for a Benefit Cosmetics Flawless Friends Network video.

Miss Cleo came out in 2006, telling The Advocate:

"I have some family members who are very close to me, and they do know. But I’ve been afraid of the wrath, of the exile. When I came out to a number of friends in the late ’80s I had a number of friends who turned their backs on me and walked away. That was really intense. I really believed they were my friends."

She offered Vice an update on her life in 2014:

"I live in a little town, and everybody there knows who I am. But I’m just another neighbor. But there are places where I go and people are like, 'Yo! Miss Cleo!' and I try to run. ... Now that I’m older, I don’t get recognized as much anymore, but just enough for my discomfort."

Remember Miss Cleo with a few of her famous "call me now!" ads: